Coronavirus Closing Statement

Posted On: 20 May 2020


Boyne Valley Activities to remain closed for the duration of 2020 Season.

It is with a heavy heart that we release this statement to our valued friends and customers that we will remain closed for the duration of the 2020 Season.

With the catalogue of events that the Coronavirus Pandemic presented to us and its time frame, we have made the decision NOT to reopen our doors this year. This is now our only viable option for the remainder of the season.

Like many other companies we never actually got going this Season. Week after week we watched Government updates and moved goalposts up and down the river to give us a viable opportunity to get on the water again. As the weeks rolled into one another the stark reality is that we now won’t be able to offer the service or give our customers the experience they deserve.


We knew there would be changes but like so many other businesses we did not know where it would take us. Without boring you all with the detail we now know that if we try to reopen at the phase indicated by Government guidelines the Season will be gone – and the company will be on its knees suffering irreparable financial damage.

The decision to not reopen will allow us time to catch up on maintenance and repairs and have the facility in top form for our Spring 2021 Season launch. We have plenty to do and we will use the time wisely to enhance our visitor experience and provide our customers with the fun-filled nature-based experiences they have come to know and love.

We can still be contacted by phone or email. All our social media platforms and updates will be as regular as we can. If anyone has any queries or problems, we are still here to help you out.

If we could take this time to thank you all for your support over the years and while it will be a shame not to see so many of you again this year – it will make next year all the better.

See you all in 2021.

James and Boyne Valley Crew