Valentine Activity on the Boyne

Posted On: 14 February 2014


When we decided to create a speed-dating event on the Boyne as a Valentine activity, people looked at us like we were mad. We are used to that. We know that love is a strange fish and it is often found in the strangest places. So let’s look at some good reasons why you should throw on a buoyancy aid and paddle into our speed-dating event.

1. The Science

First of all, lets look at a few reasons why speed-dating as a Valentine activity is a good idea. Science* tells us that people make decisions about the opposite sex within 30 seconds, so speed-dating covers a lot of potential ground (or water). Science* also tells us that when it comes to speed-dating, chatting about travel gets more matches than chatting about films, so you are onto a winner already because you will be floating down a river.

2. The Truth

How much can you find out about someone in a traditional indoor Valentine activity? Are they really up for a laugh? Do they test the waters or are they dive-in-and-hope-for-the-best type of people?  Do they have a REAL sense of humour? What sort of a splash do they make? How do they handle a boat (good to know with all these storms) and how active are they really? These are the questions that can only be answered on the water.

3. The Romance

Starting from our base in the centre of the town, our adventurous paddlers will float underneath the arches of some of the most beautiful bridges in Ireland, with ancient castles and ruins as the backdrop to their experience. They will float in calm eddies (that is the quiet parts of the water, not an actual lad called Eddie), bounce over turbulent rapids and feel the pull of strong currents leading them onwards to undreamed of destinations. As a romantic Valentine activity, you couldn’t ask for better.

4. The Legend

When all the paddling is done and the buoyancy aids have been discarded and the wedding is but a distant memory, what would you rather tell the grandchildren?  Would you rather tell them about some noisy bar where you met or would you prefer to tell them about the time your paddles touched while navigating the rapids on the Boyne and you won the chariot race together?

5. The Fun

Even if you don’t find love, you will have fun and make new friends. We have a raft of activities which are guaranteed to break the ice and get the laughs flowing. This is definitely not your average speed-dating event so it promises to attract those who are looking for something a little bit different. Kayaking is a very social activity, with canoe clubs all over Ireland organising trips and events for everyone. This could be your chance to try it out first and if you want to pursue it further we can help steer you in the right direction.

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