Outdoor Activities for Teenagers in the Boyne Valley

Posted On: 22 July 2022


Looking for outdoor activities for teenagers in the Boyne Valley? From August, we are running Teenage Kicks sessions on the Boyne Blueway.  We want to give young people a chance to experience the craic that can be had on the river and to do it with their own age-group (13 – 17).

These sessions will take place every Wednesday (because weekends are for doing nothing after a long hard week, right?). They kick off at 2pm (because nobody gets up before lunch at that age). They finish at 4pm (because you need at least 2 hours with them out of the house). They will involve plenty of horseplay and just enough supervised challenges from our guides to keep them focused without feeling like they are being told what to do.

Most importantly, these activities are teen-only. We are strict about this. They will be having fun with their peers and won’t want their style cramped by geriatrics (like me) and head-wrecking younger peoples. We run these sessions every year and they wear the kids out while giving them a blast. It’s not all escapism either. We want to give them a taste of the outdoors and a chance to learn a few skills that they can progress on if they are interested.

The sessions will give your teen:

  • More confidence on moving water.
  • More experience with sit-on-top kayaks.
  • More paddle strokes and techniques.
  • Fun games and challenges to keep them occupied.
  • The chance to meet and hang out with other teens.

€30 per teen.

If you want more information, ring James on 086 734 2585 0r email info@boynevalleyactivities.ie

Or just Book Direct before places fill up.