Corporate Team Building

Corporate team building days out in the Boyne Valley:

Here at Boyne Valley Activities we understand the importance of keeping our groups focused and challenged and most of all we insist on making sure they have a fun filled experience while doing so.

We have many team building challenges to suit all companies, departments and groups that will ensure great team spirit and test the group skills, both physically and mentally, at our Facility set in the backdrop of the beautiful Drewstown Estate deep in the heart of the Boyne Valley.

Choose between full, half day and multi day programmes of land or water based activities


  • Low Ropes Course & Zipline
  • Archery

WATER BASED                                              

Our facilitators pride themselves on delivering programmes that will provide your group with a greater understanding of how they communicate to each other on a daily basis, we aim to steer your group towards the same goal perhaps by using skills they may not have used for a while, maybe even bring them back to their childhoods!

We hope that by the end of their experience with us that communication within the group will flow much easier and that the team mates will have a better understanding of how each of them will have a much different skill set than the other and how by working out individual strenghts the whole team can become a stronger driving force.

We find that after a day with our facilitators the groups have a healthier attitude towards their workmates, a much more positive working environment and a more refreshed, proactive approach to their job.

We often find that some companies may like to arrive the night before their team building activity and indeed, we appreciate that you might need a corporate suite to hold a meeting or simply debrief during your stay. Boyne Valley Activities have teamed up with various accommodation providers in the area and we can organise meeting rooms or accommodation for your group.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on any of the above.

*Whitewater rafting only takes place January – May