Self Guided Kayaking Tips on the Boyne

  • June 2020
  • Posted By BVA

Over the years, kayak rental has been a huge part of our business where customers liked to go “at their own pace” and we would drop you off at your “put in” and let you hop on the river and float off down to your “take out” at a desired time and shuttle you back to our base. During the coronavirus lockdown, we COULD NOT bring you on the water OR rent out equipment to you from our base in Trim. We were not insured to do so.
However, people still managed to get boats to go on the river so we have put together a few pointers to make your river trip as safe as it is enjoyable.

Self Guided Kayaking Tips

    • It is an offence to be on any watercraft anywhere on the island of Ireland without a PFD (Personal Floatation Device). It must fit you correctly and be buoyant enough to take your body weight. That information must be clearly stamped on it.PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE
    • Our Governing Body of paddlesports in Ireland, Canoeing Ireland clearly states that while participating in any form of Kayak/canoeing we must adhere to the “Less than 3” rule. Less than three there should never be. The reason for this is safety – if you are on the water in a group of no less than 3 and one of you gets into difficulty the second person can stay with the casualty/incident and the third person can raise the alarm/call for help.
    • Plan your route. We strongly advise to contact a local provider/club and ask if the route is suitable. Explain where you are looking to go and the ability/age of the group. Be realistic with this – 2/3 hours is plenty of time to be sitting on a sit-on-top kayak as you will be using muscles you may not have used in a long time. NOTE: on Grade II slow-moving water like the Boyne you will cover approx. 8 km in 2.5/3hrs.boyne blueway map
    • Bring a waterproof pouch with at least 1 phone for the group. Let family/friends know where you are going and your estimated time of arrival home. Bring snacks and plenty of water. Bring suncream. Bring a drybag for food, first aid kit and a spare hoody.
    • Seek permission from local landowners to access their land – DO NOT assume you can just walk across their lands-you CANNOT. You may see local providers and clubs on the river all the time but providers like Boyne Valley Activities have permission to access any lands we cross and have indemnified the landowners from claims on our insurance policy. Local providers/clubs will have great relationships built with landowners over the years so be respectful of those relationships and don’t abuse them.farmland with cows
    • Be respectful of the wildlife and the rivers habitat. Be respectful of all river users such as boaters, fishermen and swimmers.
    • Bring all rubbish home with you and adhere to all Leave No Trace principles.
    • Most importantly – ENJOY your trip!!!! We have some fantastic waterways in this country and kayaking is a fantastic way to see them!
    • We strongly suggest that you carry out one of Canoeing Irelands Introductory Kayaking Courses before you head for the water.

Although we did close for business – we are on the phone on 086 734 2585 or on email or social media. We will be reopening for kayak rental in September.

Stay safe out there.


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