Floating Through Time River Tour

€30 per person

The Town

We want our visitors to really experience this unique river and marvel at Medieval Trim, the home of more Medieval buildings than any other town in Ireland, from the largest Norman castle in Europe to the oldest unaltered bridge in Ireland. The town is built around these huge castles and monasteries and they were built on both banks of the River Boyne at the Ford which gave great access to the land for the traders and pilgrims that were traveling up river from all over Europe and as far away as Asia to sell their wares and to teach their way of life.

The Tour

We want to interact with you and show you the river, the landscape of the river, we want them to ‘float through time’, we want them to experience our ancestors sailing across Europe and Asia and pushing their way up the Boyne to settle in the towns we now call home. We want them to experience battles that changed history, show them the abbeys and castles that were constructed for no other reason than the river, they wont be bothered by dates, but rather intrigued by the people that lived there, the ‘rock stars’ of the medieval days!

Our tour starts at the original Ford, which incidentally, is where our activity centre now stands and the following 1.5hrs is an interactive tour where our guides pride themselves on engaging with the group and informing them of their surroundings and giving a great insight to Medieval life and times.

Paddling the rafts down river really gives the participant a true feeling of being immersed in this magnificent era, buoyancy aids and wellies are provided to keep you safe and dry on the raft (though we can’t stop the rain) and the 8 man rafts are easily navigable for everyone and for 1.5hrs you will “float through time” on this amazing Medieval River Tour.

Medieval River Tour of Trim from Boyne Valley Activities on Vimeo.