Do I need to be experienced to try any of our activities?

No, no experience is necessary. We provide introductions for all of our activities. So come on, why not try something new?

White Water Rafting, best time to go?

We run our white water raft trips from January to May. Our trips depend on high enough river levels so it really is up to the current weather at the time. If you are looking to book a raft trip and are unsure of when to go please contact us for more information.

Kayaking/Rafting, what to bring/wear?

Wetsuits are provided. Under most conditions, a wet suit will keep you warm and comfortable. You should wear a swim suit or t shirt and shorts under the wetsuit. DO NOT wear cotton T-shirts under your wetsuit. Cotton, when wet, stays cold. Wool, polypropylene and modern synthetic thermal materials shed water and stay warm so a football jersey or similar material would be ideal. Booties are also supplied. Some people do not wish to wear them so the alternative is bring your own old runners. We also supply all the equipment, life vests and helmets.

What are the activity age requirements?

Kayaking – 7 upwards with 7 – 11 year olds in double kayaks with an adult

Kayak Rental – Over 18s only

Rafting – 16 upwards (anyone under the age of 18 will require guardian consent)

Archery – 10 upwards