Birthday Parties

It is becoming more and more obvious that our children today need to get out and get some more exercise. Leave the couch and the play station behind and get out in to the great outdoors and get some fresh air into their lungs. We have found more and more parents contacting us booking our birthday parties in order to let the kids experience activities that they might someday follow on as a hobby.

We have lots of activities but the most popular by far is the kayaking party. Suitable for both boys and girls the kids have an absolute ball as our instructors insist on making this as fun filled as possible. While safety is at the fore front of all our activities our birthday parties tend to be as much messing as we can physically  cram into a couple of hours.

Typically, the birthday boy/girl will go free and it cost 25pp after that. These are a hectic couple of hours and the kids will be exhausted afterwards (always nice to know for mum who is hosting the after party!!)