You might think you don’t need Adventure Race Kayak Training. After all, kayaking is easy (once you know how). When it comes to adventure races and your competitive streak kicks in, it becomes a whole new activity.

As experienced adventure racers and race creators ourselves, we know that the main difference between floating down a river and making sure every stroke counts is confidence. This comes from mileage and practice. Once you have enough time on the water, plenty of practice and your strokes perfected, the kayak sections of adventure races will become your chance to storm ahead.

Our training consists of two sessions on the Boyne on weekends in February 2022;
Session 1 – €50

  • 2-hour introduction to paddling
  • Discover how to get maximum distance with minimum effort from your forward stroke
  • Learn how to control your kayak while surrounded by the carnage of first-time paddlers causing mayhem.

Session 2 – €25

  • Mileage sessions
  • Technique perfection and progression

All safety equipment supplied. All you need is your race attire and a desire to get ahead.

Choose the date of your first session and after that, we will arrange the next session to suit your own needs and time frame. For more details, Call James on 086 734 2585


Conor, age 44, Sea to Summit

A great afternoons instruction in a beautiful setting in a very relaxed friendly and calming manner. Great personality and absolutely no heed on time constraints, it was all about giving us enough time in the water.

Tracy, age 41, Quest Glendalough

The training made me a lot more confident going into the race. Some small and some more significant training tips definitely gave me an advantage. I wasn’t worried about eating down my kayak partner – in fact I was hoping for a decent partner (which I got) so I could make the most of the kayak section! Great training and seriously enjoyable into the bargain. Highly recommend!!

Andy, age 40, Westport Sea to Summit

Having completed several adventure races I found that the kayak section was hit and miss so I did a basic course with BVA. This was a great start and meant that there was no more lost time on the kayaks. Once I started to progress to longer races with longer kayak sections I did more advanced training with BVA in preparation. I went on to complete their level 2 Kayaking course which was great and hopefully I can prove to level 3 in 2020! Can’t recommend these lads highly enough for either grasping the basics or progressing to certified skill levels.

Gemma, Off the Bloom

I first went to James before quest Glendalough last year as I was new to adventure racing and it had been years since I was in a kayak. I found the experience brilliant and it gave me great confidence for taking on this part of the race. The tips he gave me made that section of the race far less daunting and taught me not to burn myself doing it. I went back to James when a group doing Quest were going out for a session and I tagged along. After this session I was far more confident about where I like to sit in the kayak for a race and learned helpful tips for this section. James’s sessions are always fun. He has experience of racing himself and organising races so he knows what it is like taking part in a race and how busy they can be. After going to the sessions with James, the kayak stage of the race is one of my favourite sections of an adventure race. James has taught me to enjoy it and not to burn myself out. After completing the sessions they definitely changed how I viewed this section.