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Boyne Valley Activities are dedicated to promoting responsible tourism in the Boyne Valley. We pride ourselves in delivering accurate communication across all of our channels. We endeavour to deliver a range of outstanding activities and experiences in this culturally soaked region and in doing so, leave a minimal impact on our environment and we strive to maintain and conserve our natural environment. We strive to give people a personal experience by having no more then 10 people to each guide on all of our activities.

Our Eco Tourism Product

Boyne Valley Activities provide unique activities and interactive experiences in the Boyne Valley, this totally underused amenity (The Boyne) has 5 millennia of cultural and archaeological wonders to explore. With responsible tourism at the heart of our operation, we aim to share these experiences with visitors that want to see, not only Ireland – but the real Ireland. The perfect example of this is our Eco Tourism Medieval Raft Tour. Check out our River Tour activity page to find out more about this product.

How is our product run in an environmentally friendly manner?

Boyne Valley Activities insist on providing all their experiences in an environmentally friendly manner with a minimal impact on the surroundings. Starting from our base it is obvious from our use of energy and creation of waste and even how we harvest our rainwater that we have our environment at heart. Training our staff to be aware of their surroundings and being aware of their impact on wildlife and biodiversity means that we, as management, know our leave no trace principles will be used as best practice on all our experiences leaving a minimal impact on the very area we are helping conserve.

How will our visitors experience nature?

Essentially all our experiences are run on, or around The Boyne Valley. The River Boyne itself is a special area of conservation (SAC) with vast amounts of flora and fauna over a 90 sq km area.

All River Tours, Kayaking and Rafting bring the visitor into very remote parts of the river where very few people can get access to from land. With growing angst between farmers and the public and access being restricted more and more, meandering downriver really does give the visitor a unique chance to experience nature, at its most wonderful.

What can our visitors expect to learn about/gain insights into?

The Boyne River is host to an abundance of wildlife and is a charming gem to catch the visitors eye. Our activities allow people to appreciate and learn all about the various animals and flora and fauna that line the banks and river such as otters.

How do we, the product promoter contribute to conservation?

We are big supporters of Birdwatch Ireland and the work they do, and from watching the Swans and Grey Herons on the river to the almost daily sightings of the Kingfisher in the summer months we feel it is vitally important to help protect these beautiful creatures. We have recently installed some bird boxes along the river at our base in Trim. To support Birdwatch Ireland click here.

We also provide help to local schools to educate children about the biodiversity of the Boyne River.

How does the operation of the product benefit the local community?

The product benefits the community in many ways but primarily as an activity provider. Many people travel for the activity/experience and would frequently need accommodation. We will always promote providers in our tourism network, as we know the visitor will always appreciate staying in the accommodation of like-minded people, be it in a yurt on an Eco farm or a 4 star green hospitality hotel. We impact local taxi companies, pubs and restaurants in the community as we frequently send them on after a days activity with us.

The Boyne Valley is steeped in culture, heritage and natural beauty and we strive to conserve this environment for generations to come.

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