About Us

Boyne Valley Activities was born out of a love of kayaking that goes back many years for James. He was a founder member of the local Trim Canoe Club and brought the club from a “roof rack” club to 60 strong membership, with a clubhouse in a little over 4 years.

The early days in the club would have seen a lot of organising people and gear over and back to different parts of the Boyne and to various rivers around the country, organising the activities and the day to day running of the club, so it was a natural transition to start up a commercial Kayaking business.

It was always going to be a challenge to walk away from a paying job, but with the downturn in the construction industry, it wasn’t too hard to go once his mind was made up. In fact, the lure of kayaking for your dinner was as exciting as it was risky, but there was always the chance of “living the dream” and that’s what drove him to make the change – will it work, oh yeah.

A couple of years into it, James has learned a lot and has worked hard. Business is good and the company have focused their activities on the new riverside facility in Trim. James has also been joined by Graham Connor as lead instructor.

This living the dream craic is now a reality!